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…chronicles of a typical Naija relationship

As the girl got down from the bike, I didn’t know exactly why I looked at her direction, maybe it was because of the noisy sound of the old bicycle she rode in, but I sighted her before she could disappear into the next street.

I was surprised. I opened my eyes wider to be very sure it was the same girl I saw some minutes ago at the back of the filling station. I had wanted to open the gate to my house, but I stopped and signaled at her. I can bet it, she had seen me before I could even signaled her.

I beckoned at her to come closer, while i swiftly moved to open the gate before she could cross the drainage to my side. But she was already standing behind me. We almost collided when I turned back to go and start my car and drive in. “Oh, you are here. Please attend to the bike man first, you don’t need to rush.” She turned her head to look at the bike man. “Someone had paid him at the point where he carried me.”

I smiled. “Your boyfriend?” She nodded to affirm it. So I told her I’d like to talk to her and she said it was ok. I also asked her if she lived close by. I believe she remembered my face already, so i didn’t expect her to wonder too much on why I was quizzing her.

Around evening, as I was talking to some “naughty” boys in my area at the verandah, she appeared from the exact street she disappeared into in the morning. Immediately I saw her, I asked those boys to please excuse me. They haven’t seen her yet so they asked if I was going out. I said I was expecting someone and the person would be with me in few seconds. “Come right in.” I gesticulated how she would open the gate.

One of the guys sitting with me stood up and ran to the gate to help her open the gate. I thought these guys would take their leave. But they just sat a bit away while the girl stood akimbo at my front.

“Please Felix, get me a chair”. I asked the girl to sit. “You mind?” I offered her the bottled water in my hand but she didn’t take it.

We started talking. “How did you meet the guy I saw you with today?” She looked down with her eyes squinted as if she had dropped a needle on the floor. I actually thought she was thinking of parrying my question. But I’d have insisted.

“My friend was having a birthday party in April, this year and we were all together partying when he came to me. He asked for a dance and I obliged. One thing led to another and we are together now. But I later realised the celebrant, Sade, was the one that had told him everything about me.”

I asked softly, “Everything about you?” She looked up and looked straight into my eyes with a broad smile on her face. “Ah, not what you think, sir.” She looked down again immediately. She started moving her leg in circle, with her right toe pointed to the ground as if she was drawing circles with it on the floor.

“How old are you?” “I’m 19”, she continued. “I’m a first year student of Mass communication”

I looked back and I saw Felix still sitting down behind us. So these guys have been eaves dropping all this while. I felt like asking them to leave but I didn’t want to distract the girl. She might stop talking.

“Are you guys just friends or what?” “We have plan to get married.”, she answered. She sounded so sure.

But how on earth can a 19 year old girl, who was in her first year in the University be talking about marriage? What is happening these days can make one give up on this generation.

“Are you in the same school?” Now, she was getting tired of my question or so I thought. She was looking distracted. I sensed she was feeling uncomfortable. I allowed her to take her time. “He has not gained admission yet. He is still having issues with Joint Admission Matriculation Board, Jamb.” She replied, reluctantly.

“How sure are you this is the matter with his admission into the higher institution?”

“I’m very sure. The person that told me wouldn’t lie to me.”

“So, he didn’t tell you? Who did then?” A phone started ringing. I noticed she was just indifferent to the disturbing sound. So I asked her to pick her phone. She turned the face of the blackberry phone that has been lying idle on her lap up and the battery came apart. “My phone is off. I’m having battery issue.” she said as she was inserting the battery into the phone. She started rebooting it.

I have forgotten I set my phone alarm on. I was supposed to see a friend that evening. He wanted to teach me how to use a new package on my system.. “I’m sorry, I have to go out.”


Then a call came in through, into her phone. “Yes, yeah I can hear you.. it’s my phone battery as usual.” I stood up, I wanted to go in and pick my car key and go out. She continued on the phone. “No, not that. I’m sorry. I thought we’ve concluded on the matter. Right now? OK, OK.”

To be continued…











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