For clarification, this piece is about living best as a single. The suffix ‘hood” is not meant to alter the real meaning of the word single, but rather to add more meaning to the title.

Other words with hood suffix that are related to our point of discuss here are Childhood, Singlehood and Adulthood. These are necessary stages for every human being to pass through in life. You cannot, definitely, jump any of these stages. Therefore, you must have first lived the Childhood stage, of course, before you are able to relate to whatever we are about to discuss here.

Childhood is a state of being a child. That’s a person below the age of Adulthood, a person below 18 years. Meanwhile, Adulthood is a stage you are expected to be able to take responsibility for your actions and well-being. While Adulthood has no specific age as a determinant, in some climes, adulthood starts from age 18 while it’s from age 20 in some other.

However, Singlehood is the state of being single and especially unmarried. But, since it is common for people to be in a romantic partnership yet not married, this term, Singlehood also applies to the condition of having no romantic partner at all.

Having defined what singlehood means, it’s good to now fully go into the explanation of how singlehood stage is the best stage one can ever live in, grow and get developed for future. When we are talking about singlehood stage we are talking about a stage of total freedom, especially if you are of age.

• This is when you can take up any project or course and give your full attention to it without no distraction from any quarters. You know what I mean?. You can decide you want to extend your studies to Masters level and not just the usual, first decree that many will want to stop at.

• Endeavour to engage in voluntary associations and organizations. You can participate in HIV/AIDS awareness programme as a volunteer. You will be given certificate, which you can add to your CV.

• Don’t run away from community development activities. You will be known and respected. This can as well help you to develop leadership role. If you have attended leadership classes seminar before, this will be an opportunity for you to practice what you learn.

• These are some of the things that will make people like you. You can then pick your friends. You can pick your likes, grow together and impact in others.

• Participate in census population programme. This is when the government engage people that are of age and some government officials in house and head counting. This will avail you an opportunity of knowing your country and cities. You will know the number of people in the country. You will know which part of your country are truly underdeveloped or marginalized. You will have first hand information about your country.

• You can freely befriend the opposite sex, with no strings attached and you will have nobody to answer to. Mehn, I so loved it, when I was still single. I can see any friend, I can visit any friend, no matter the gender. I can attend parties or religious gathering. What I missed was opportunities to learn as many trades as I like. I missed acquiring skills that are now needed in the country.

• If you are a student and you are reading this, you are welcome aboard. If you are already working but still single and you are reading this, you are reading the right information for the moment. This piece is supposed to open your eyes to what you have been missing so you can start making amends.

• You are not supposed to be worried about getting partners. You are supposed to be busy. Be productive and your partner will find you making things happen. Who doesn’t like a goal getter? This information is supposed to make you a hot cake. Who doesn’t like an achiever? Who wants to be known with a lazy person? Even lazy people avoid their likes.

• This is the time to travel and leave where you are schooling or schooled to go and visit other states. You can exploit other parts of your country too and not just sit down where you were born and bred. Traveling is a part of education. I hope you know this. You can travel out of the country, if you or your parents can afford it.

• When I was single, I visited Kaduna, the Northern part of Nigeria. That was my first time of boarding a train. So, I can say some things about Nigerian rail transport system. We spent days in the train and I met different people with different cultures, languages and dialects.

•  I served in Cross River., as a young graduate and I have also visited Port Harcourt before. Both in the South South part of the country. Immediately after my service, I went to Owerri, the Eastern part of the country to acquire skills in film directing and editing. I once visited friends in schools and I met people, many of which are still getting in touch till the moment. Some of these friends are architects to what I’m today.

• Buy books and read books. You can also join readers club either in your religious center, your community or your work place. Seek knowledge in self development and self employment. Read books on male folks. Read books on female folks. Read books on Romance, Relationship, Sex, Emotions, Temperaments. Get books on marriage and study it.

• In one of my days as a single person, I read a magazine paper, where a popular man of God, spoke about Romance among singles. The man of God said, getting good books to read and exchanging it with your partner to read as well is a form of Romance. It was an eye opener for me and I practiced it very well.

All the aforementioned activities will help you to be well prepared for marriage and  future challenges. Doing this, you would have known more than your peers. Knowledge is power, they say. There is no way you won’t be be able to escape troubles in the areas you are knowledgeable about.

There is no way your partner will not respect you, especially the male folks, that like being respected by their female partners. And as a lady, your male partner will cherish your knowledge and exposure and be so sure your (both of you) children are in a saver hand of a mother that’s vast in knowledge and can teach them aright.

In fact, it’s is worthy of note that, by the time you have really exploited the stage of Singlehood to the fullest, you will have no reason not to want to go into marriage and do well. You will want to share your life experiences, knowledge and exposures with your partner.

All that you’ve read and learned about life and marriage must be lived and enjoyed with someone special that you have reserved yourself for. You see, no one that really enjoys his or her Singlehood stage in life that will not enjoy his or herself in marriage. The problem is, people think it’s marriage that brings happiness. That’s not totally true, if you are not already a happy person yourself.

If you can give yourself a good treat while single, you would want to do it with your heart beat some day. If you have been happy alone, having a nice partner is supposed to double the joy.

Every stage of life has its issues. The good news is marriages’ issues shouldn’t swallow anybody up, if we have taken our time to develop ourselves and also study the arena well while still single.

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  1. Olulinks, to say this is good is an understatement. Your blog is refreshingly different as it has identified a core need in s struggling and unsure youth. Thanks.

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