Women genuinely like players, even when they are aware those men are players. But the most unfortunate part of it is that players are time wasters. Players come only to toy with your emotions. He will leave you devastated and more lonelier than he met you.

If you are already rolling with a Player or you have one on your list of suitors, you better be informed now on what you are signing up for. You are about allowing him to extend his mission into your entire life and you don’t know it yet.

All men like and enjoy adventures, Players are not exceptional. It’s just that Players are extremists. They have taken their adventurous nature too far. They want to conquer every woman they come across. They actually don’t see relationship as anything but a game. Hence the name ‘Player’ for the men in this category.

Players are everywhere. They are reading this piece, they are at your place of work, they are in your school, they are in your hood, they are in your family. Name it. That’s why I said they are everywhere.

Babe, there is a serious need for you to know how to spot a Player within seconds. Players don’t know they are doing anything irritating or hurting. Players think they are okay and they will go to any length to prove their point. Why do you think they discuss their conquests with their friends with enthusiasm?

Don’t get it twisted, Players ain’t gonna change ’em colour, no matter what. A Player is not gonna to be faithful and it is not in your place to make him to be. He can be managed, though, until he has a bigger encounter with a life-changing experience. They are always unwilling to change. Pursuing the unrealistic mission to conquer any female in their game circle is thrilling for them. They are not considering calling it a quit. They have become addict.

If you are in doubt to whether your man is a player or not, kindly stick around as I roll out the characteristics of a player and that of a womanizer in this eye-opening piece. Meanwhile, their is, but a slight difference between the two characters.

Players are charming and attractive. Their look is of a great concern to them, therefore they always work on their outward look to become socially acceptable, always.

When they walk into a social gathering, they get noticed easily. Who doesn’t want a charming Prince? He will be picking the loveliest women at the gathering to talk to. He will stand very close to her looking straight into her eyes, even at that very close range of their standing together. You will notice the woman speaking in a very low voice and laughing intermittently.

The Americans will say, don’t blame the player; blame the game.

Note, there is no significant age to these characters. It starts from young man and extends into adulthood.

Their full characteristics are;

* They are well fluent. Not all educated men that can speak good English grammar are players, please, don’t get me wrong. Only that Players need every tool to be well polished and sound, for every negative reasons. Their Queen’s English is second to none. By their phonetics you shall know them.

* They are intelligent. Wow! This. You can’t beat them to their game so don’t dare them. You might just be playing with fire.

* They are interesting. This is the more reason why a Player will always find it easy to catch his prey.. Ladies like it when a man is fun to be with. Meanwhile, for a womanizer, taking advantage of women for his gains is his priority. Womanizer isn’t gonna make it interesting and fun.

* Players are very persuasive. They can make you go against your will, willingly!

Someone is nodding her head in approval of these points. (Very possibly that person had just had her path crossed with a player.)

* Players are insecured. These guys are battling with insecurity. (But you won’t ever be able to notice this in them.) They already have other things that glitter to cover up for this.

* Players don’t do long-term intimate relationships. You continuous presence in his life will choke him and he wont have enough time to hunt the next victim if he stays too long with you.

* Players are professional flirt! You can say this again.

* Players like and enjoy the company of women. Womanizers on the other hand don’t not like or respect woman.

* Players are easy-going and pleasant. While womanizers are temperamental and cruel. (Now, you know where that man in your neighbourhood that always beats his wife belongs)

* Players are convincing liars. It doesn’t matter whether he is a serial lair or a pathological one. But the moment you notice this trait, run.

Having been able to identify who a Player is, he could appear to be your best guy for now and you don’t wanna let go yet. He might even be your brother or just a friend. Let’s see how to manage a Player Or a Womanizer.

Like I said earlier, you can only manage these kind of men if you find yourself with one.

Mulltiple relationships for Players or Womanizer, serve a purpose, other than just the pleasure of sex. If you must discourage a Player’s behaviour, you must make him understand the purpose this habit plays in his life and finds him another less-troublesome adventurous activity for him to channel his energy into.

It could be a new project. A game. New course of study. Real and gainful life adventures. He can start a leadership programme, where women ain’t many. He must be gainfully engaged. The natural energy and man nature of always conquering, that’s already in essence in these men need to be channeled aright and it is your responsibility to make this happen. You can see a counselor or a professional life coach for help.

What’s your take on this?

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