When it comes to a serious relationship that’d be leading to a marriage, every detail matters. You don’t over look some vital details that could give you all you need to know about your partner.

There are things you don’t want to ask your partner; but you want to see it or experience it yourself.

We all know how sometimes, rumours trail some serious relationship and ruin the relationship. So you don’t want to rely on hearsay about your new girl or about the lady you’ve been in courtship with for some time now.

I can categorically tell you that one of the best ways to determine the future of a relationship is by paying attention to what the actors (both partners) are saying. If not, why did you think you are advised to see marriage counsellors, when in a serious relationship?

Marriage counsellors ask questions, they pay attention to every word that proceeds out of your mouth. There is a place for body language, too and that’s a topic for discuss in another day.

Quickly, let me show you some relationship killer-statements, that every lady dating must desist from using henceforth.

1. “All men are the same.”
It doesn’t matter whether she means this statement or not. It doesn’t matter if that’s the common language on the lips of most ladies. She is different from other ladies. She should be positive-minded. She has to stand out both in thinking and in speaking.

There is a saying that if you lie with dogs you would rise up with flees. If you, as a lady, keeps rolling with lades of no serious values, all you would pick from them is bad clichés like this, “All men are the same.” No! All men are not the same!

At least you, as a man, you are different and that’s why she chooses to be with you in the first place. It’s the best for you to let her know that you stand out. You are you, you are not all men.

But if all that she does either consciously or unconsciously is using this discouraging statement whenever issues come up between you, you may have to start parking, you can’t stay there. If not you are signing up for a sorrow song you will hear all your life.

2. “I prefer eating out to cooking”
Who says this? No right thinking ladies dwell on this kind of line. Even if all you do is to eat out, you barely cook a thing, this guy may be a fan of good food from your pot. So, what do you do? You cook.

Practice they say makes perfection. If you don’t know how to cook I can assure you, dropping the idea of eating out and eat something out of your kitchen would improve your cooking skills in no time.

Listen, man, if a lady is soaked in the habit of eating out and she is not ashamed of constantly singing it to your hearing that she prefers that kind of life, you have not reached your destination. You’ve just found for yourself a basket to pour your finance into. Terminate that relationship now before it terminates you.

3. “If you don’t have the money go and borrow it.”
Have you heard a saying that borrower is a lender’s slave? It is true. The more you borrow, the more you become enslaved. Under no circumstances should this line becomes any lady’s statement.

This line sounds irresponsible and it should be discouraged in all totality. I don’t care what you may need the money for. What happens to joining him to device a better means of coming up with any sum you both my be needing? What happens to encouraging him to work harder, so you would be able to afford whatever you need in future?

If your girl is an unrepentant user of this line, it may be a sign that you are dating an empty skull. She is bankrupt, advice wise. Brother, run!

4. “You should have called before you visit.”
Well, it depends on the kind of relationship you are into. If yours is a serious relationship that’s planned to end in marriage. If your girl persist in using this line, she really mean it that you must inform her before you visit her.

But why would this be a rule in your relationship? So, how’s your relationship supposed to be fun if you can’t bulge on each other uninformed? What’s she hiding? What’s her excuse for always saying this? If you must know, you don’t have a future there. Move!

5. “I can’t suffer with any man.”
This line has been over flogged among the ladies. Who is suffering that you can’t suffer with? Everybody is a work in progress. A guy may not be where he wants to be yet, but definitely he’s on a journey and he needs a shoulder to rest on, that’s why he needs a woman in his life.

It is even worst when a guy is well to do This is one statement that paints lady as a gold digger and am sure no lady wants to be seeing as a gold digger, even if she is one. But when a lady doesn’t care and uses this line freely, probably because of your current very good financial status, you are in for a long ride. If the going is not good again, you will walk alone.

6. “My money is for me alone.”
No real man wants to rely on a lady for her money. But what if a situation arises future that you may have to make to do with whatever she brings to table, temporarily?

This line should be seen as a taboo and it should be used in a relationship by either a guy or a lady. It shouldn’t even be joked with. Words are spirit, sooner than later, it will abide with its user.

But if this is her language, that’s what the future holds for you together right before you in 3D. Break lose now.






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  1. if he marry him from Ibadan to Lagos the next thing is did I come to Lagos to count Bridges??? Lolz………….

  2. hmmm😅ok, that’s actually a real fact, a real man wouldn’t want to see his woman do any of those things, if those are the signs she shows, gaskiya beware!

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