Let me tell you, the so called the most difficult girls are the most easy-to-get girls anywhere, anytime.

Don’t make mistake, it’s not everybody that can say this above statement — only the authority in the game can make this bold statement.

If you have been longing to learn how to woo a girl and become a pro in how to make the most difficult girls yours, be my guest!

Let me congratulate you for being lucky to have clicked this link in the first place. Now say this to yourself, “Goodbye to dying in silence.”

There are so many ways of becoming a guru in any field of choice. One of it is to know what not to do. Or to monitor how not to do it, in order to become a guru in it.

Let’s take for instance, you want to learn how to become a professional driver. Or you want to learn how to be a pro in gun shooting. Or maybe you want to learn how be a professional builder.

These three fields I mentioned above can be learned faster by simply letting you know what not to do. If you agree with me, this is the exact approach I intend using to teach you here in this field.

This is how it works. To learn how to shoot gun and become a pro quickly, don’t hold gun like this. Don’t stand like this. Don’t look like this, etc etc. The same applies to driving and how to be a builder. Simply learn what not to do and you are on your way to perfection.

If I start going into details, we will sleep here on this matter. In order to learn this very fast and move up to another demanding topic in another post, I’d show you what you shouldn’t do and see how you will win these beautiful chicks to your side.

Let’s get down to business.
Some of the so called difficult girls often laugh at the timid guys we have around these days. Those guys that believe they need a sudden wealth to make a statement so every lady on campus can be running after them. I laugh, because those are the kind of guys that say a lady is difficult when only she is just being classy and knows her worth.

Don’t be nervous!
When next you see that pretty girl that’s been forming hard-to-get, don’t be nervous. That’s the first thing to remember.

I know this is difficult to do. Because even after reading this post and do some practice privately you may still be nervous when you meet her! But try not to let her know you are. If you are nervous you will fumble, if you fumble you look ridiculous before her and when she notices you are a goner

Don’t be garrulous! (talkative)
Don’t do the talk. Another reason why you think some girls are difficult is because you don’t know what to say when you see them or even how to say it. So, this has made you said a lot of jargons on many occasions you meet the girl. So from now on let the ladies be the talker, you be the listener.

Don’t use the cliché
After reading this piece, if you see a pretty girl that you’ve always admired, don’t compliment her with with the over used words “hi”, “hello” “how was your day”.

The most common response you would get back is “hello” or “my day was fine and yours?” You see, with these responses it will be easy to bash you into a corner. So after answering you, what next? You will start searching your head for what to say next, uhn.

Don’t forget, our mission is to get her taking. Women enjoy talking about themselves and they love listening guys not the talkative guys. .

Be creative. Use compliments like, “Nice make up is what you have there, I have never noticed you wear make up.”

If she doesn’t make up, try this, “You look perfect in that cloth. I have always said it that our ladies should be dressing like this.”

Now, tell me why she would want to hurt your feelings after you’ve made her felt good about herself?

Have you noticed I have never asked her any question? If you start with questions she may shut you down very quickly.

She is currently feeling good with your first carefully chosen set of words. It is the time for question.

“Did you do this beautiful make up yourself or your friend did?

“Did your stylist put this cloth together or you did yourself?”

She will start talking. Don’t forget, shush, it’s her talk not yours. So just listen and pay attention.

Has she started talking? If you notice she is about to stop, enter her further with what they call, “open ended question” with this question, she can’t say yes or say no.

Examples, “How did you do this?”, “How did that happen?”, “When did you notice?” These are the questions to ask to dig deep into her already good feelings. Don’t do thinking conversation but feeling conversation.

Don’t ever stray away!
Remember, in one of the paragraphs above I said listen and pay attention. While she is talking you must listen and don’t let your mind go elsewhere. You must also show her you are listening to her so she won’t just see herself sounding like cymbals.

If you pay attention, you will notice her body language. Intermittently, say, “Wow”, “Interesting” “Nice” “Wonderful”. With this she will know you are still following. Also, at intervals, just repeat and say back to her part of what she just said. She will catch the feel you’ve not dozed off on her.

When you see her next day;
Don’t ever act like a stranger again
Address her by her name freely
Keep eye contact with her
Don’t be scared to touch her politely

Master these techniques above and you would have become a pro the next time we meet. Go get them ladies!

It does not necessarily mean you must date every pretty and hard-to-get girl you are able to make to want you. If you have interest in politics, you need as many pretty girls as you can get into your camp. It will help you to win many guys and ladies to your side.







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