Out of the many reasons why people make the kind of choice of partner they make in relationships, height considerations can’t be undermined.

There is no doubt there are other factors that men, in this case, consider before deciding on going for a particular woman, yet each person’s decisions defer based on the quality of importance they place on each factors of consideration

Factors like genotype, blood group, family background, tribes, nationality, stature and complexion are some of the heard of among people’s options.

Height, as it sounds is a measurement of how tall a person or thing is. It’s the distance from the base of something to the top of it.

Height is a condition, especially in human being. It’s either one is tall or short, it’s the condition of the person and it’s a determinant in some life choices like professions or marital.

In this situation, we are looking at height’s relevance in the choice of person’s life partner, men’s choice especially.


1. Because of his height
A man can decide he prefers a tall lady base on his own height condition. If a guy is tall he may want a tall lady as well to match up with in height. And if a man is short, he might still prefer a tall lady to complement for his height condition.

Observations have shown that very tall men are somehow difficult for short women to deal with. Having had to raise up their heads while talking to the men or during kiss, which some of them said is like a big task, might be something these set of women don’t want to put up with for the rest of their life.

Some women, who aren’t so much favoured in heights also said the height of tall men are scary at some time. They claimed it made them looked like they were inferior to such men and it could affect the man’s attitude towards them.

If this is a situation of a man, he might not have choice than to opt in for a tall woman even if he didn’t want to discriminate initially. So a man’s height can form a part of the choice of his partner’s height.

2. Because of their offsprings
Unlike some women’s thought, men are also concerned about their children’s look. Men don’t mind even if their female children look after them, especially their boys.

This is to show that some men are also conscious of the height condition of their children. That’s why they decide they don’t want anything short of their expectations.

I don’t have have any scientific back up to why marrying a tall lady could translate to having tall children but experiences have shown that this is one of the reasons why men make this decision another factor to consider in their choice of their woman.

3. For beauty purpose
Among men, tall women are normally addressed as being “straight” When you hear “That girl is straight”, they mean the girl is tall and beautiful. Tall girls long legs make them stand upright like horse. Honestly speaking, tall girls’ beauty is the main reason some men go for the tall ones among women.

If you think it’s not worth it to marry a lady for her physical beauty, when it’s your turn to choose you can do otherwise. The choice is yours.

I know everybody wants a good thing. It’s just that those things are vary. Some want good house, some good car, some good job and so on. But those who want good and tall women, am sure won’t leave a stone unturned until they have them. Tall women are beautiful.

Short women too are beautiful and they are some men’s special preference. After all, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

4. Professional reasons
Some men prefer tall women for their chances in some professions. Tall women have higher chances in professions like force, modeling, swimming, basket ball and volley ball game.

These reasons aren’t selfish in its entirety, especially if the man has some influence in any of the above professions and he wants his woman to belong there. Life will be a lot easier when you don’t have to be looking for where your woman fits in after marriage.

While some men purposely visit centers for sports in the area of some of the Sports mentioned here. Some visit fashion outfits, where models are always available. The men come around for their choice of women. It is what it is. What is worth doing at all is worth doing well.

There is no reason that’s not enough to do what you want to do when you want to do it.

5. Absence of special preference
Anyway, some men opt in for tall women for lack of special preference. Some men don’t care about all that we’ve been taking about here. Whether tall or short whoever is available is okay for some men, they don’t have preference.

We are all not wired alike. Some men are just indifferent to some things that some people attach importance to. The same way some men can’t understand why there are men who don’t enjoy watching football match, is the same way some women don’t understand women who keeps low cut hair style. Different strokes for different folks.

This is to say not every man that’s married to a tall woman does so for any of the reasons listed here. But despite this, you would agree with me that the number of men that prefer tall women out numbered those who do otherwise.

Disclaimer: This post is not to slam ladies who are not so much favoured with height. This is supposed to be an educative article and that’s all.






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  1. lol! this is really funny,in my family, I guess am the only one not favoured in height, but I really appreciate my height, even though am not on both side,I mean neither short nor tall,but just perfect for my shape, if I was tall, it would be awful, I think. I have never been the choosy type when it comes to appearance, if I was, that would be hell because I have unique taste. Having a short or tall man makes no difference to me, but I have enjoyed this written article.

  2. Rahama, that makes you type number 5,you don’t have any special reference. But do you think it makes any sense to be choosy, especially when it comes to height?

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