13516180_1756851891217527_8617363613005230029_nHonestly, I don’t get it when I hear some guys saying they can’t find a good and decent girl to date. And at other time, I’d just look at the person complaining and get the reason for his ordeal instantly!

How can you say you can’t find a girl to date, when single girls are so many that can’t lay their hands on any single guy yet? How can you be complaining of not having any girl when about 3 ladies are fighting over a guy? You must be kidding me.

See, I can teach you how to make ladies start holding grudges with each other over your matter, without spending a dime. You don’t believe me? Then check back for my next post on how to make that happen. It will shock you.

Now, on to the current matter. How to increase your relationship chances with beautiful decent girls?

1. Quit Your Drinking and Smoking Habit
There is a common saying that nothing goes for nothing. The saying is true after all. And some people say No pain, no gain. To get decent beautiful girl into your circle, you must have to be decent yourself.

There is no two-way to it, some habits have to go. This may be painful or hard to do but I bet you if you think of the reward, it’s not gonna be impossible to do.

Likes attract likes. If you ain’t gonna be decent in your habit, am sorry, I can’t help you. But if you are ready, am ready. C’mmon, don’t tell me you’ve not started noticing it that this cigarette and beer drinking habit have started bringing you some bad luck already.

You can’t choose to be a chain smoker and expect decent ladies from godly and a well to do home to listen to whatever crap you have to say. Put yourself in her shoe. Would you ever leave a decent, good smelling and a well dressed dude for a haggard looking and beer drinking guy? Capital No!

If your little sister brings home a guy she is having a thing for, which would you recommend? You too think about it bro. Whom do you think will attract a better opportunity and great chances to be successful in life between these two young men?

Start working on quitting these 2 bad habits. It may take time for transition time to fully occur. But if you are tired of flocking with the group that won’t fetch good life, it’s matter of the mind, it won’t take time before you quit and start a decent life.

Do you really wanna step up with good girls? Then do the needful.

2. Dress decently don’t sag.
Common, how do you expect a girl that gets attracted to you because you sag or even get attracted to your sag trousers be decent? Let’s be realistic please. Even David (fiction) whom the whole class know as a regular late comer and a back-seater, control some good decent girls than you that come early and always sit at the front.

How possible is that? Why not? He dresses well always. He won’t sag like some hopeless prisoners. He won’t dress like an irresponsible young man. His looks is his selling point. He knows he would be addressed the way he dressed.

How can you fly the collar of your shirt and expect to be taken seriously by some decent beautiful chicks? How can your cloth colour combination be a riot and expect that good girls would be at your beck and call? It’s not gonna werk please!

Now, come to think of it, how can you convince a lady that you are gonna take good care of her and turn her life around if she chooses you, if this is the best you can look? You don’t want that lady to be ashamed of showing you off, do you?

So, what do you do? Start dressing well. Always be decently dressed and represent well.

3, Don’t Keep bad gang
I won’t discourage you from rolling with your guys here. But my worry is everybody knows you are in a group of some bad guys and good and decent girls can’t deal. They won’t be caught in your circle when you guys are eventually bursted.

It depends on what you want, if beautiful and decent ladies are what you want, you’ve gat to be among some popular-for-good things guys. Bad company always corrupt good character. That simply means it doesn’t matter your character in this regard, as far as you are in a wrong circle, everything about you may be perceived as wrong and not true.

Why not change your caucus? Why not start moving with some cool headed guys? There are so many interesting and educative team you can belong. You can be in the football team, ladies like good footballers.

You can start or join a group that will be teaching people how to sing and dance. This is one of the areas you would find beautiful ladies. If you are also skilled with musical instrumentals, you’ve won a jackpot.

You can start or also join voluntary organization to give participants leadership training. Within not too long period, you will give testimony of how very helpful and attractive your life has become not only to good and decent ladies but also to responsible guys.

4. Work on your IQ
There is nothing more attractive than being sound. If you are sound up there, I tell you even your lecturers would beg to be your friend. I’m not being sugar coated, testimonies abound. Why do you think every lecturer ask after that intelligent dude in your class? Why would lecturers want to give exam papers to a particular student to help them mark? It’s because of his high Intelligent Quotient (IQ)

This is one magic feature that will make girls flock round you. When I say girls, I mean girls, it will so much that you will have to pick the ones of choice, which is or the decent beautiful ones.

Tell me how you will combine these powerful features and still lack good beautiful decent ladies in your life. So, when next a dude is complaining about how mysterious his life has become because no lady is looking at her side, you might have to check these 4 things mentioned above in him.

Meanwhile, you can improve your IQ by learning new things. By perseverance, by stretching your brain brain to crack some difficult questions, by working some mathematics out. You can improve on your IQ by exercising your body and brain. You can learn new games or musical instrumentals. A lot of good brain exercise can help out. Just find out and increase your chances of having the decent beautiful ladies.

5. Be Courteous
This is like the master of them all. Without good manners, you won’t be able to keep any beautiful lady you’ve won to your side. In fact, it won’t take time for the lady to know she is with the wrong guy.

A very courteous guy handles ladies carefully. A to to get courteous guy is every lady’s guy. This, in fact, is every lady’s dream. If you have all the above and you lack good etiquette nobody would wanna get close to you.

This may be the only reason why you are facing challenges having good girls around you. Work on your character bro.

Ladies don’t like proud guys. They prefer very confident guys. Don’t confuse the two, please. You may think you are being confident but you may just be a puff up guy, who doesn’t have respect for anybody.

You may have to bring down those shoulders. You may have to learn good etiquette and also learn how to show some good manners always. This will help you attract decent ladies you’ve always wanted. In addition, responsible guys will locate you.

Good luck!








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