Who are the Western girls? Absolutely, they aren’t Slavic girls. Slavic beauties are Russian and Ukrainian ladies. Apart from Slavic girls’ same kind of fair complexion with the Western girls, they love easily with all their hearts unlike the Western girls.

Western girls are confident and always feel superior, while Slavic girls feel a lot insecure and they usually have brown eyes and black hair, especially the Ukrainians.

While Western girls don’t mind working on their bodies to look masculine, Slavic girls glory in their feminine looks a lot.

Western girls are girls from America, Europe, Canada,, Australia, New Zealand etc.

Many Africans don’t know the difference between these “yellow” girls, that’s why the quick run over of the explanation of the two mixed up girls in the world. What some people thought was that all White girls are Western girls. No, sir!

If that is clear, let’s move on.

The fact that you are an African guy has put you in the black book of the most Western girls. I hope you know this already. So you should be careful not to give these girls any further red sign alerts that can keep them away from you even from thousands of miles away.

Some guys were telling me sometimes ago, that White ladies, (Western girls) don’t accept friends’ requests from most African guys. Tell me why they would, with all the bad news going on around black guys from Africa.

She’s fair in complexion and you are black. She is sincere, compare to you. These girls hate shady things like hell. They tend to think black skin is black brain even dark mind and thoughts.

Tell me what chances you have with these type of ladies? Western ladies, are seen as being more exposed, enlightened or even more educated. Though this isn’t the absolute truth about them.

Western girls see black guys as scammers, Internet fraudsters and cheaters. Especially guys between the ages of 18 to 26.

I know some of you have already lost interest in reading this article, thinking you can’t have these girls. Don’t give up yet. Though, am wondering here myself why would these girls still wanna date some black dudes, if truly this is what they think about the blacks? Are they dump or stupid? No, they aren’t any of these.

But let me assure you that at this end of this you would believe that everything is truly possible.

I’m gonna give you these tips for free, to make it easy for you to date any Western lady of your heart’s desires. Just do all that I’d mention here.

1. Communicate in English language
Don’t forget you are not into some “local”. Avoid the usage of slangs or your native language. Speak good English language as much as you can. Don’t form what you are not.

I can bet you, if you flow well in English language while speaking to any of these girls, apart from increasing your chances of gaining her attention, you would get to know if she is a Western girl or she is just a “yellow” girl among the Slavic.

2. Be a friend
You already know how friends do to each other. Just be a friend and everything between you will be smooth. In case, you don’t have friend, thus you don’t know how friends relate with each other. This is it, whenever you come online say hi to her, whether she is online or not. Ask about her day and how she is fairing.

Don’t hang online expecting her to say “hi” to you first. Don’t assume that she’s seen you. Greet her first but don’t ever choke her up with questions. Don’t over react if she isn’t replying you in time. Don’t craven for unnecessary attention. Remember, they love gentle men and she has more than enough friends from her region before you net her. What this means is that don’t ever rush things.

3. Be real
Be very real. Being real starts from your profile picture and information. Don’t write what you are not, if you already did go and edit it right away and be real. If you already have photo-shopped pictures that say what you are not about you, go and take it down now.

If she is gonna give in to you, she must see that you aren’t one of them (fake online lovers) Let her see that you ain’t fake and don’t fake it. Be yourself; be African. She already knew you are from Africa before she starts replying your messages or before accepting your friend’s request. Don’t play upon her intelligence, you will lose her if you do.

4. Don’t ask for any favour whatsoever
Don’t ask for any favour. I repeat, never should you ask for any favour at all, no matter how small. At least, don’t attempt it at the initial stage of your relationship or friendship.

These girls already have these thoughts that Africa is poor and any black guy from Africa that comes their ways are hungry and they are looking for their meal tickets or an opportunity to escape from their God forsaken land. Asking for a favour will trigger her suspicion.

5. Never display flashy material things on your social media profile
Some of you guys are so myopic in thought. If you think because you display flashy material things online it will give these girls some reasons to think you are well to do, you are shooting for the wrong girls.

Have you forgotten the background you are coming from very quickly? Why on earth would showing off of material things online impress any Western ladies?

She can guess what you are capable of possessing, legally, at your age, if you show off what’s more than her expectations of you she may block and blacklist you as an Internet fraudster. That’s what she has always thought, so don’t fuel the thought with your attitude.

If you are one of the African guys that so much desire Western girls, for genuine reasons, this is your opportunity to go get ’em.






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