We have men and we have men. Just as we have friends and we have friends. Human beings aren’t equal and that’s why we apply different measures to different things. Or different approach to different things.

In this time and age, if your husband possess what listed here, I’d advice that you tread softly. These are rare mens’ gifts, those whose husbands have these gifts should appreciate God because they are already blessed with rare crowns.

I’m not saying your friends are bad but am saying while you don’t know you are lucky some people are envying your home and wishing your husband were theirs. You may think it’s not true but I don’t pray you experience a situation that would make you believe that it happens.

Let’s see the types of men their women don’t just expose to just anybody, all in the name of being friends, if she doesn’t trust them.

1. Good cook
If your man is a good cook and he is always ready to do the cooking even when you are available, hail and healthy, please don’t expose him to just any friend if you don’t trust them.

Even trust, here, is relative. Research has shown that men who are good cook are more caring than those who are not. They feel more relaxed with women than other men, who aren’t good with cooking.

This isn’t saying your friends shouldn’t know or meet your man, (that’s not even possible) But don’t give room for unnecessary or unwarranted favour or rapport between them. Especially, if he’s but a finance and not yet walk you down the aisle.

If you are still just young in marriage. Let’s say you are just between 1 to 5 years in marriage, please this rule applies to you. Don’t say, “I trust my man”. Take note now please, to avoid ‘the story that touch’, later. You don’t expose this kind of man to the company of your friends carelessly.


2. Good vocalist
If your man has a very good voice, if he’s a good singer or he has a radio voice, he’d be well sought after by other women. If you listen to radio very well, you would understand what I mean by radio voice.

If your fiance sounds like one of those men who speak on radio, with their masculine and sexy voices you would understand why this type of men are on the list here. Or if your man can voice on any song and turn it to national anthem for people. Sister, what’s good isn’t for one person or else one guards it jealously.

This isn’t inferiority complex; it is called reality of life. If you have met a woman that lost her man to another woman you would understand better. Men with good voice always talk their ways into women lives. It’s not always intentional, often times they can’t just help it.

It’s therefore your responsibility to guard what you have and cherish to your heart. This is one kind man you don’t want to expose to your friends carelessly, especially if you don’t trust those friends.


3. Kids friends
If you have a man that’s very good around children, wow, you’ve gotten for yourself a very caring man. This is every woman’s desire.

If you are still in courtship with this man, don’t start showing him off anyhow yet. He is “hot cake” among women.

If he understands children, the tendency that he’d understand you is very high. If he’s patient with children, you stand a chance of a man who is patient. Tell me why you think someone else wont think she deserves him. Or else, of course, if you guys are already married. But until that happens, you might just want to keep him a low profile around your friends. They know what he’s worth if you don’t know.


4. If he’s rich and ready to spend it on you.
This needs no further because it sounds like a situation most women can easily relate with. You can only let a rich guy slip through your fingers if you are careless yourself.

However, you can only let him pitch his tent beside your friends if you trust them. But I’d still advice you do otherwise.









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