If you’ve never experienced heart break before, you may not bother yourself abut this topic. But if you don’t wish to experience it or you just want to see how it feels, you can come along.

There cannot be an ex, (past lover) without a break-up. There cannot be heart break without a break-up. There cannot be break-up without lovers. Wherever there are lovers break-up is looming around the place.

No mater how break-up happens it’s always painful. Be it politely, harsh, on phone, through text or face to face.

It doesn’t matter if the actors are mature people or teenagers, if it’s a break-up it must be painful. It doesn’t matter who initiated it; whether a male or a female. Once hearts are broken, it’s going to be painful.

But not everybody really wants to let go. Sometimes, the initiator of break-ups have their regrets and want a come back, while the other party has moved on already. At the other time, it may be that the other party that has refused to let go, though he or she has been communicated the end of the relationship to.

So, when you hear ex, you must know heart(s) has been broken. But if you are in any side of this situation, whether you break-up with someone or someone breaks-up with you but what you want is for your ex to come back, this write-up will help you.

Even if you want your ex come back begging you, these are the 3 “wicked” steps to take.

1. Make them jealous
If you can make your ex jealous you are not far from wining the “war”. No matter what might have caused the break-up, one thing that’s sure is that they don’t find the relationship interesting again. There is nothing new or challenging in the relationship, so they want to move on to where it is happening.

You can do this better if you can win their friends’ trust. This can only work if you’ve been good to the friends. If you’ve been a torn in your ex flesh and you’ve always given their friends a lot of trouble, they won’t be available to work with you. That’s the primary aim of this approach.

Conspire with just a friend and turn your ex lovers head upside down. Make it look like you are dating. Visit them regularly, especially when you are already aware your ex will be there, and make sure you always get there before them. Give your ex every reason to be suspicious. You know how to do that, don’t you? Good.

Don’t stop there… Next!

2. Take the fight to the social media
I believe we all know social media is the next happening thing. Social media is where many films and actions are taking place these days. So take the fight to the reigning platform—social media.

No, no! Don’t go and fight dirty over there, like we usually see these days between ex lovers or friends. You don’t wash this dirty linen in the face of the public; what we want is a settlement but in a trickiest way.

All you will do this time is to unfriend him or her. Don’t use block button. You need to give your ex something to wonder about. You remember I said it that one for the reasons for break-ups, is that your ex believes they have seen it all with you. So let them what you are up to.

If you block them there would be no way of spying on your profile to check you are up to. So just unfriend them and turn your profile to private. With this move, your ex can search and find you but won’t be able to see what you are doing, uploading or writing.

Now, break his nose with this last punch. They must beg you!

3. Don’t ever walk alone anymore
You are not working in the company of friends because you are afraid he might hurt you, no! You are just giving him more reasons to wanna crawl back to ask you what exactly is happening. They will come asking you what their offence(s) was in the first place that could have led to the break-up.

You are just going to be dressing very good and go where you are sure your paths will cross. It may be a party, recreation centers, games centers etc. Whenever you are sure they are also going to be available in any of these places, go there in the company of friends.

You have been visiting your ex lover’s friend at home, whenever you know that your ex will be coming, this is the time to start going out together. Move to the next plan. Feel free to hold hands and rest on his or her shoulder whenever you notice your lover’s presence. It’s part of the game.

At the other time you can go in the company of your friends and catch all the fun. Laugh and play all the way. Remember, your ex is the target.

But please, don’t lose the game, whenever you notice they’ve started to act humble give them a listening hear and from there do whatever you wish to rap up the game.

This trick could be very wicked. Of course, that’s why we chose this trick. It can be used by singles or married. Heart break is heart break

Don’t thank me later, thank me now, because it’s sure you will see positive result.






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