Romance before marriage is the best. I know it’s not all of you that would agree with me right now. But in the next couple of minutes you’re all gonna be on my side.

Romance can be explained to mean an intimate relationship between two people; a love affair.

It can also mean an adventure, or series of extraordinary events, quests resembling those narrated in romances.

It means to talk about something in a way that makes it seem better than it really is.

To influence or curry favour with especially by lavishing personal attention, gifts, or flattery

To entertain romantic thoughts or ideas.

Looking critically at my explanations of what romance is, you would agree with me that romance before marriage is a good idea.

In case you still don’t go in line with what I mean, I’d go further to shed more light in the body of this article.

Best 3 reasons to embrace romance before marriage;

When I said romance, I hope you know am not talking about sex. I hope you know am talking about getting to know each other deeply. I hope you know am taking about adventure.

Have you read a love or romance novel before, where a guy and a lady hold hands and walk each other down the road? You would read and picture how both partners in love would run after each other at the beach. Lovers would do hide and seek behind trees or around flowers.

Should that only happen in story books and not in real life? Should that only bring about imagined intimacy and not the real intimacy in the real life? No!

You should be romantic (adventurous) when in courtship. Visit places together; cinemas, funfair, leadership classes, seminars etc. You should buy and exchange gifts. It’s not because it wouldn’t happen again when you eventually get married. But because you need to get used to it now and by the time you get married, you would have perfected the act and it’ won’t be seen as one serious task to embark on.

The end result would be intimacy. You don’t give the excuse of i don’t know what my partner really wants. You won’t say you don’t know your partner’s love language. You won’t say you don’t know how to calm your partner when he or she is angry. You must have gone through this and become now so intimate that your hearts beat as one already.

The second best reason to engage in romance before marriage is that it helps to dig deep into what marriage truly is. You don’t want to venture into what you know just little or nothing about. I’m sure you are wise enough to know it’s unwise to follow someone down the road he doesn’t know for sure.

When you buy books on marriage to read, discus and share knowledge about it, I hope you know that’s romance. When you buy books on courtship, parenting,, marriage or investment and write the name of both of you as a compound name on it and co-read, that’s also romance. For instance, Jane and Newton, would be written as Jane-Newton. Elizabeth and Samson, Liz-Samson, etc

While the romance is ongoing, you are acquiring and sharing knowledge of marriage, happy home, finance, investment etc with your partner. By the time you are ready people would be so envious of the knowledge you’d gathered to come together and start a new life.

The 3rd best reason to engage in romance before marriage is that it’s brings about real love. This needs know explanation. It’s self explanatory.

Having understood what romance is it needless to say the result would be love if well practiced as explained. You don’t fall in love in this situation, (some people believe there is nothing like that) but you would grow in love with your partner.

You would have wronged each other (that’s inevitable), misunderstood each other, misquoted each other, assumed each other and settled before you said the “I do” all these together build a relationship and bring out the best in it.

I hope you would agree with me that romance before marriage is irreplaceable the best that can ever happen to two lovebirds.

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