You see, with this secret am about to reveal, i would be very short and straight to the point.

A lot of married men and women are here reading this post and they don’t have all the time in the world. So, I won’t dull you. (using the slangs of today’s guys and girls)

The men are busy at work and probably checking this out at the break time. That’s another reason why this needs to be punchy.

Wives alike are reading this and they want to know why on earth must they act like some girls out there that don’t have serious somebody to marry them or even give them proper loving like their husbands are giving them.

Some women are also reading this to the hearing of their fellow women and they need to do so fast and move on to gist over it. So, I promise again, no beating about the bush. I’m gonna be straight to the matter.

By the way, the title of this writeup is not a mistake. You saw it right, “Married Women Should Act Like Runs Girls” No addition, no subtraction!

Who are the Runs girls? We don’t need to be looking for dictionary to know who they are. Do we even need to Google “Runs girls”? No!

In fact, one of the reasons you clicked this link to read for the reasons to act like these girls is because you already know the meaning of Runs girls. You just wanna know why you should act like that set of people out of other better models in this whole world.

Actually, I have promised not to waste your time but because of just one person, maybe, that may not know the meaning but he or she is just curious to know the reasons behind this story, I’d tell you who Runs girls are.

Runs-girls is a slang word used for those ladies on the internet, at work, shopping mall, eateries or even in your hood that flirt with guys and married men alike.

They are the reason your husbands are staying up late, browsing on their phones, all in the name of attending to office mails, reading news or lying they are reading their Bible on their phones.

Those girls that your husband would always come back from work to complain about her way of dressing. The girls that you have been having a feeling she might be flirting with your man. That’s a Runs girl!

Atimes your hubby expected you to dress in a particular way at home or even whenever both of you wanna go out and it looks strange or mystery to you why he would ask you, a married woman, to dress like that. That’s how those girls he lusts after dress.

Sometimes, your husband do not comment on your pictures you upload on Facebook. But there is this particular lady that your man would always put his comments on her photos or even “like” her photos. That’s exactly the girls am taking about. You, as a married woman, should act like them.

How do those girls acts and why should you not act only like your pastors or imam’s wife but also like these girls?

1. Have you ever wondered why your husband look at these girls twice when they walk by? Ain’t you surprised why he would keep talking about these girls with his friends or complain about these girls to you?

It’s simple because there is something to look at and talk about in them.

Make your husband talk about you in front of his friends. You should walk around in the home and your man will drop his jaw as if he’s just seeing you for the first time.

Give him reasons to draw down his reading glasses to look at you as you swing your waist pass him to pick the TV remote.

2. Have you wondered why suddenly, he would want to park and help the single lady walking pass all in the name of helping her to get to the road fast?

Someone that had earlier shouted over you that you were delaying him and you would make him late to work or to church, suddenly stopped on the road to carry a lady in your area all in the name of assisting her.

You’ve driven passed her and your hubby that was shouting he was getting late, you should move fast was the the one who reversed the car to pick her.

You should always look gorgeous with good perfume that could make your husband always say “I would drop you at work first before I go to my own office.”

He should always be proud you are his wife. He must be happy hanging around you. Give him reasons to be. Dress well, smells well walk smart for him like those girls.

3. Do you call your man sometimes to ask him if he had eaten his food? Do you ask how it tastes or you are waiting for him to say? Do you drop by to check on him at work and ask him to take you hoke for you have a gist to tell him in the car?

That’s what these girls that have no specific man to cater for them are doing.

Why do you think he wanna run out of home very quickly sometimes to go to work? Why do you think he tells you “Don’t worry I’d eat something good at work”

Are you not surprised he would get home very happy a times and at some time very moody? Oh, you think it’s normal uhn? OK, as from now on, start acting my point 3 out and let’s see if you would not have a very good testimony in very short period. Act like Runs girls!

4. You and I know he won’t comment on your photos you upload on social media. Have you forgotten very quickly the “war” you went to with him before he could add you as friend on social media?

But he told you he doesn’t like Facebook and all these social media why does he comment or “like” some people’s pictures, especially women but not yours? No, don’t get it wrong, he doesn’t hate you.

He is just not happy you don’t act like these girls. Why would you put very blur picture you took the last time you visited your little village with huts. The village that most houses there are built with red moulds and it’s showing in the background of your picture?

Why do you only upload the pictures, where you tie wrapper with head gear like old woman? Why do you always stoop in your photos like some set of primary school students are taking group pictures?

Why don’t you take a look at these pictures that men like to comment on or sometimes “like” check them and start taking your pictures like that and you would be happy you act like Runs girls.

5. When last did you change style when making love to your man and not just lie down on your back like some babies that there parents wanna change diapers for?

When last did you initiate sex at home? When last did you attempt to kiss him first?

What kind of bra do you wear at home or when you are going out with him? Don’t you frown at push up bras and say it’s for the girls? Then, who are you, old woman? That’s why your man don’t even see you or look at you twice.

When last did you “play rough” with him at home? You have been warned against that in your religious centers? Stop deceiving yourself, you don’t need to act holy before your man. Loosen up, you are his and he is yours!

These secrets are known and kept by three girls called Runs girls, as far as you still allow them to outsmart you and use it on your man, you will continue to be wondering what you are doing wrong.

Spice up your marriage, act like Runs girls!






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