As much as many couples try to avoid conflicts in marriage, they still fall into it by the omission of some important things or by error of commission.

Conflicts will come and go. It will only break the couples that are not meant to be in the first place. Yes, that’s it. If a particular couple is meant to be, conflicts won’t separate them but it will only strengthen them the more.

Couples are supposed to be natural conflicts managers. That is, couples are supposed to expect that conflict will happen and they must be ready to do everything possible to manage it before it’s escalates. 

I’m happy to inform you that conflicts is a necessity in marriage. Whether you like it or you like it, you will experience conflict in your marriage. Don’t feel bad when it happens, but be prepared now to handle it. 

This post won’t teach you how to handle conflict in your marriage but it will tell you why it is good for your home, in order for you not to fret about it when it happens. 

Here we go;

1. Marriage conflicts reveal the real you or your weaknesses 

You could have stayed many years in marriage with your partner and yet to know him or her very well. This is very possible. 

You might have sat to talk and asked each other some deep questions about family background and personal issues when in courtship, yet unable to  get to the root of who you are even now that in marriage, until some struggles surface between the two of you. Some people can relate well with this situation. 

That’s why I maintain that conflict isn’t a bad thing in totality in marriage, if it can expose you or your partner for correction. It’s just unfortunate that many couples wait until it gets out of hands before attempting to speak out or call for help.

Couples will express displeasures with each other during conflicts and there would be nothing more to hide. Meanwhile, that’s exactly what they need to know about each other to know what to work on. 

A partner might have been planning to seek divorce. It will shock the other partner to know when they eventually sit down to resolve their differences. This is when to really know each other and weaknesses, if couples pay a very good attention during conflicts. What couples do with the information gathered during this period will determine if it will end well. This is when good communication sets in. 

2. It brings about good communication 

This may sound absurd but it is true. But how on earth will strife between couples lead to good communication? It will. Conflicts usually happen for lack of good communication, in the first place and the end result of couples’ fight can only better the situation not worsen it. But how?

That’s why this write-up poses that conflicts is a necessity in marriage. It can only make your partner speak out whatever he or she has been keeping to himself against you. Can you imagine couple that are still holding hands and attending parties together, yet they have something against each other? 

Would it not be a surprise to you that some couples stay under the same roof but they aren’t in talking terms with each other? The reason for this most of the time is lack of good communication.

It might not have been your partner’s fault if you refused to speak out on some inconveniences you are experiencing in the home. But once the strife breaks out, both of you need to sit down and talk it out. You can even invite a trusted member of the family or a friend to intervene. But that would be a joint decision.

The most important is not to assume on what your partner is angry about but to speak out and let the situation be addressed for good.

3. It strengthens love

After revelation that eventually leads to good communication, it can only end in stronger love lives for the couple that have witnessed conflicts. 

Conflict is not in anyway encouraged in marriage, because it’s not everybody that can use it for good. Yet there is going to always be something to settle differences with your spouse about in marriage.

Since conflict will always occur should we not learn how to go around it to live it? You can only make this happen if you know what good is in natural conflicts.







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