I stumbled on this bold and screaming headline on Eye Witness News, South Africa, this evening and I was shocked. The reason for my surprise was not because I didn’t know the level of HIV Aids in South Africa before but, at this time and age? The scientists are not sleeping and this country is trying everything possible to put this deadly disease in its rightful place, it’s just a surprise that one can still be seeing this kind of headline on the face of tabloid on how far this disease is wrecking havoc stil, in Africa. It’s sad.

I stayed calm and I started thinking about the whole thing going on around the world, of course, my head will blow if I think about it it too much. I was just concerned and a little bit worried. If the world powers can be going through turbulent waters and seem lost, what do we expect of the developing nations?

African continent is going through a whole lot and help doesn’t seem to be coming from anywhere. We have rejected the best help ever, the one from the most powerful God Almighty. We can’t even help ourselves even as we have the little power to do so. We are selfish and self centered. I just hope we are not doomed for.

We can’t even talk of economy, because it’s nothing to write home about in anywhere in Africa. Nigeria, who used to be the Lion of Africa is not even the Africas Dog not to talk of the Tiger or the cheetah of Africa. What about Ethiopia? It’s already displaced.

South Africa! South Africa, the third of the richest African countries ranking with $13,078 gdp per capital. the country is known as the largest Africa energy producer and also the largest consumer. They also have a booming travels and tourism sector. These are where lie their sources of wealth. But how can travel and tourism business continue to boom in the country, when according to report, it is regarded as the epicentre’ of the global HIV epidemic? And this deadly disease is walking free among the people?

I read a little bit more about this disease. It’s not as if I didn’t know nothing about it; no too much of knowledge. Knowledge is power. See what I got.

Sub-Saharan Africa has the most serious HIV and AIDS epidemic in the world. In 2013, an estimated 24.7 million people were living with HIV, accounting for 71% of the global total. In the same year, there were an estimated 1.5 million new HIV infections and 1.1 million AIDS-related deaths.

HIV prevalence for the region is 4.7% but varies greatly between regions within sub-Saharan Africa as well as individual countries. For example, Southern Africa is the worst affected region and is widely regarded as the ‘epicentre’ of the global HIV epidemic.

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Swaziland has the highest HIV prevalence of any country worldwide (27.4%) while South Africa has the largest epidemic of any country – 5.9 million people are living with HIV. By comparison, HIV prevalence in West and East Africa is low to moderate ranging from 0.5% in Senegal to 6% in Kenya. – Avert. Org


According to ‘Eye Witness Account’, South Africa, shocking new statistics have been revealed in the latest Aids study, with scientists warning that young women between the ages of 15 and 24 have the highest infection rate, out of the population.

Government has held a briefing in Pretoria on the country’s battle against HIV and Aids . It also announced the 21st International Aids Conference will be hosted in Durban later this month.

Recent statistics show that nearly 2,000 young women are infected with HIV every week in South Africa. The health department’s Dr Yogan Pillay said, “What we are doing now is trying to estimate how many of these infections have been in each district in the country, so we can have very targeted interventions at local level.”

Pillay says there are a number of issues that still drive the HIV and Aids epidemic in the country. “We have look at challenges in the health system as well. We have
to find people, test them, put them on treatment and ensure they are virally suppressed at the start of treatment.”

Government says while the country has made great strides in the fight to combat HIV over the years, there’s still a long road ahead.

Culled from EWN

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