Have you seen some very pretty women, finding it add to get engaged with a man for a relationship and the not too beautiful ones will have men falling over heels to ask for their hands in marriage? Note, all God’s creatures are bright and beautiful.


Beauty they say is in the eyes of the beholders. That is, it is what he who beholds you see that will determine his or her reactions. We see things differently, anyway and I think it’s good for us as human beings so all of us won’t have to go after the same particular person!

No matter how or what we do, this kind of irony in life’s matters will still occur in one area of our lives or the other. Some it’s in their careers, some it’s in their businesses etc And it will look as if they are doing something bad and that’s why things are not coming in their favour; it is not always like that.

Some will say it’s luck. Many tag this kind of situation the name they like or how they perceive it. My heart goes out to those that are finding it hard, relationship wise. You are not wrong, you are not a mistake, it’s irony of life. Nobody has it all. We all have a side in. our lives that has greys. Just hold on a bit more and you shall tell your stories, too.

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  1. I concur to d irony of life.. 4 d girl dat design d dad’s car…. omo na her school fees be dat o. wink#

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