While some young men and ladies are complaining of being trailed by online scammers, some are crying of being always tagged in a wrong posts or offensive picture uploads.

I don’t see any difference between those who are always tagged in offensive posts and those that are always troubled by scammers—they have common problem of attracting negativity. If they didn’t do something about it quickly, their days are numbered on social media, no matter how much they enjoy being on the Internet.

Yes, no matter how much they like to be on social media, they won’t enjoy social media for a long time if they didn’t take drastic actions to curb the enemies of good things on their case.

Attracting positive people with potentials and opportunities aren’t that difficult to achieve, it all depends on you. Those that scammers are attracted to are the cause and it’s not obvious they know this. Because if they did they would have done something to stop these guys from trailing them.

If you are a victim in this matter, solution is here. Simply follow the step by step of this perfect profile set up and you will be free from scammers and negative people for real. Henceforth opportunities will locate you.

1. Use 3 types of pictures in your profile.
What anybody sees or checks first in your profile are your profile pictures. Well, if you don’t it it is true, you may ask yourself what you look for, first when you are trying to check out a person’s profile on social media. Now, you see what I mean.

So what 3 types of pictures are you supposed to use and what are they for?

One must be portrait; this one is supposed to show your face very clearly. Your portrait will show your clear face even if your profile is being browsed on a very small phone.


The second picture will be full exposure. It will show your full body. This will be about your figure and your gender. Your profile viewer can easily say your sex and your body type having viewed this pic.

Let the third picture be about where you engage in something interesting. You may be cutting flowers, you may be exercising, it may be where you were helping the community.


These 3 pictures mustn’t be filtered and it must reflect your true personality. Don’t photoshop your face or body in any of the pictures, please. Anything short of these sincere features in your profile will tell a negative thing about you. And, as they say, likes attract likes. Insincere people will come looking for you if you play pranks in telling the world about your personality.

2. Let your true person reflects in your profile information
We can’t over flog this among the requirements for a profile that attracts positive people.

Words like, “passionate about helping others”, “Thoughtful”, “Lovely to hang around”, “Kind-hearted”, “Sweet and Friendly”, “I love God a lot” etc etc are the kind of words and phrases you should put in your profile information.


Remember, you want positive people and opportunities to locate you and not scammers. No positivity, no opportunity, contract deal or favour can easily locate someone who showcases irresponsibility.

3. Make sure you fill in your hobbies (what you do for pleasure or fun)
Your profile must contain your hobbies too. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Your profile at a simple glance must tell what you enjoy about you. If it’s not already displayed in one of your pictures where you engage in the activity you enjoy and don’t relax, you can write it boldly in your profile.



This will help those who in your category to locate you easily. For instance, if your hobby is table tennis, let one of your profile be where you play ping pong. If not write in the profile as hobby.

If yours is reading novels, traveling or cooking, let it be seeing in your profile already and I can assure you of a better chances of landing a good deal through social media either in relationships or career.

4. Make sure you fill in your acquired skills or certificate(s)
The next thing your profile requires is the filling in of your skills or qualifications. The whole idea here is not about giving yourself out totally to the public but opening up with an impression that you have nothing hidden in your life that’s shady.


There is no place in this write-up where we encouraged you to put your mobile number, your house address or your place of work in your profile. While it is not totally a wrong idea to do so but because of the many disadvantages of it, we would advice that you give out this information only on request.

Having some of your achievements showcased in your profile like this has more positive effects than negative, especially now that employers and companies recruit through social media.

5. Be positive in your social updates and status
Don’t join the band wagon of those who use their social media status updates to share their personal life matters.

Avoid groaning, complaining or lamenting totally in any area of your profile status updates. Such are some of the irritating attitudes engage in by many on social media. Apart from the fact that such attitude can scare positive people away from you, it’s also a sign of immaturity totally.

Those such negative reactions will attract are only those who will come under the guise of being helpful to bring you more harm. Most people only care about themselves and what to gossip about. Don’t give them the chance.

But instead, talk about love, hope and life. Inspire people who have access to your profile. Attract positive people in your action and words by being positive yourself. This works wonders.

These are step by step of how to build a perfect and positive social media profile that can guarantee attractions of opportunities and positive people.





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