Those that say bad company corrupt good manners aren’t wrong after all. And like I used to say, if you sleep with dogs, you will wake up with flees.

There is no best way to prove you are a good person than keeping a good company. Show me your friends and I’d tell you who you are.

Hello lady, you might have been naive before but let it end today after reading this. A man cannot be telling you, he doesn’t matter whoever he rolls with. Dear, it really matters, don’t be fooled.

Meanwhile, from my own side, I won’t spare any truth because I want you to do well in your relationship. Here, let me spill the beans.

These 5 different categories of people are no go areas for you and your guy, if he refuses this advice you are in a wrong circle.

If you know any man that drinks beer and he still behaves normal at home attending to his responsibilities as at when due, such a man is not a beer gobbler. Maybe he drinks a bottle, occasionally.

Beer gobblers are the set of guys that “bath” with beer! They drink beer like they drink water! Beer parlour is the venue for every of their discussion. Beer parlour is there second home. Beer gobblers live beer, talk beer, smell beer and think beer.

C’mmon, no responsible man should be caught with this category of people. Your man may not be a beer gobbler but if this is the kind of company he keeps, a serious problem is looming for you.

What advice, do you think your man will be getting from these people? What progressive progress would they ever make together, if your man doesn’t drink but he enjoys rolling with them? What business does light have with darkness?

Take it or take it. They cannot be gobbling beer and be responsible. The two life-styles do not go together. But if you don’t mind an irresponsible man, then never mind. But remember the dangers associated with too much alcohol in the system.

Another problem with this category of people is that they don’t only smoke, but they drink. This is what I call double trouble. It is possible to see someone that drinks but doesn’t smoke. But it is very very rare to see a smoker who doesn’t drink.

If your man is caught up among chain smokers, this doesn’t spell something good for your future home. Now, tell me, what would he tell you he enjoys in the company of smokers? Is it the way they smell like roasted corn that he enjoys or the smoke they puff out that he takes in? He can’t keep telling you they are just friends, my dear. Please, separate them. If not, your man may have to battle with lung disease later in the future.

This is the order of the day now. Even some of the so called religious leaders now play bet game. They are not investing in the future of their family. They don’t invest in good business but they are trying their luck with their hard earned money. How foolish can one be to be engaging in this?

I know gamblers argument has always been someone won a billion money last month, someone won a million cash yesterday. Did you know that whoever jumps up must come down but whoever grows up stays there? Even if a billion is won by lucky game, it will also go away by a luck game. Have you heard of anybody that won a big cash from gambling that still remain relevant till today? They will go away with time the way come.

If this is the set of people that your man is pleased with, it’s either he is a gambler too or he is investing in their fruitless business. What do you think would be left for the family after spending the meaningful part of his income to play game?

Why on earth should your man be keeping the company of womanizers? Of what value is this kind of friendship to either of you? The outcome of this kind of lifestyle has always been regretting and brutal. You don’t want him to experience that, do you?

Your man cannot tell you he is a saint working with womanizer. He is either in or out. If he refuses your advice to quit the company of this heartless grown ups, you may soon be a victim.

What business does your man still have with his exes? Why would a man be going back into his past? According to someone, an “ex” is an example of whom not marry.

You should discourage your man from meeting with his ex. It has not been profitable that’s why he came to you for a relationship. It won’t still be profitable for him to be hanging with them.

Tell me, what manner of man still dances around his ex? If he still does this and you are aware, you are to blame.